How to Incorporate Snapchat Spectacles Into An Experiential Marketing Event

An Introduction to Snapchat Spectacles

Many tech bloggers have described Spectacles as a device that is similar in nature to a GoPro camera, only the glasses are worn on a user’s face. The glasses are designed to record short videos while you’re on the go, similar to a GoPro camera. However, each of the videos can be transferred to the user’s Snapchat Memories, which means they can easily share the snippets with their followers. The videos can be transferred via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, depending on the type of smartphone that is receiving the videos. Users can either send a Snapchat Story that features all of the videos that were recorded or pick which videos they would like to send. The glasses feature a 115-degree lens, so the videos will record everything that your eyes see.

To start recording, the user simply has to tap a button that is located on one side of the glasses. The glasses will automatically stop recording after 10 seconds, since that is the time limit for all Snapchat videos. However, users can easily record an additional 10-second video by tapping on the button again. Each device will hold up to 10 videos before it stops recording. At this point, the videos can either be transferred to a device or deleted to make room for additional videos. A small light will turn on when the glasses are recording so both users and other people know that a recording is taking place.

How Brands Can Use Spectacles

There are a number of ways that brands can incorporate Spectacles into their next experiential marketing event. One way is to ask guests to wear the glasses as they play games that you have set up at the event. For example, Trolli hosted an experiential marketing event where guests could shoot hoops while wearing Spectacles. At the end of the event, Trolli had dozens of videos taken from various guests’ perspectives while they played the game. If you are planning to have games at your event, consider using Snap Spectacles to encourage more guests to participate.

Are influencers going to be at your event? If so, then contact them ahead of time and ask if they would be interested in wearing Snap Spectacles to record their experiences at the event. People are more likely to watch your videos if they know a popular influencer is the one that recorded them, so this is a great way to increase Snapchat engagement after the event. Brands also have the option of allowing the influencer to share the videos to her own Snapchat instead of your brand’s Snapchat. This way, the video will reach a large audience of people that may not be familiar with your brand.

If influencers won’t be at your event, feel free to let other attendees wear Snapchat Spectacles. Encourage them to record their experiences and share the videos with their followers so you can reach people that aren’t at the event. But, be sure to keep track of the people that are wearing the glasses so they don’t damage or steal them.

Brands should also use Snapchat Spectacles to promote the event before it even begins. The marketing team that is setting up the event can wear these glasses as they work to give followers a sneak peek at what’s to come. This will create buzz and generate excitement as the event inches closer and closer.

The Benefits of Using Snapchat Spectacles At Experiential Marketing Events

Unlike other types of innovative technological devices, Snap Spectacles are fairly affordable. Brands can buy a pair of these glasses for only $130, so incorporating this into your event won’t break the budget. Even though these glasses have been out for about a year, many consumers don’t know about them. Therefore, people at your event may be excited to see them and eager to try them out. Guests will appreciate the fact that you are introducing them to a new technology, and may even start to view your brand more favorably as a result.

Another benefit of using these glasses is brands get access to a lot of user-generated content that they can share with other followers. This takes the pressure off of brands to create their own content while they are at the event since their guests are doing all of the work.

Because these glasses are so easy to use, brand ambassadors will not have to spend a lot of time instructing guests. You do not need to know anything about Snapchat to use these glasses, so don’t worry about alienating older guests that don’t use Snapchat. Even if the guests aren’t familiar with how Snapchat works, they will still be able to quickly figure out how to use the Snapchat Spectacles. This means brand ambassadors will have more time to focus on relaying the brand’s message to guests, which is the purpose of the event.

As you can see, there are many creative ways to use Snapchat Spectacles at your next event. Using these glasses at your experiential marketing event can help your brand connect with young, tech-savvy consumers and get people talking on social media. Are you ready to plan an experiential marketing event using Snapchat Spectacles? If so, get in touch with the team of marketing experts at Factory 360. We can help you determine the best way to incorporate these innovative glasses into your experiential marketing event.