How to Connect With Millennials At B2B Experiential Events

Make it Fun

Millennials are hardworking adults now, but they are still young at heart. This generation is always looking for ways to have fun—even when they are at work. Because of this, you will need to keep them entertained at your B2B experiential marketing event. Millennials are tech-savvy, so consider incorporating an interesting new technology such as virtual or augmented reality into your event. Millennials will be eager to test out these technologies, so it will be hard for them to resist your event. Once they’re engaged with the fun activity, brand ambassadors will have a chance to connect with them on a personal level.

Use Technology

Speaking of tech-savvy Millennials, they love when brands incorporate technology into their events in new and interesting ways. Let Millennials check in to the event on touchscreen tablets to make the process as easy as possible. Millennials can also watch product demos and learn more about the brand directly on these tablets. Brands can also build apps for the event so Millennials can easily access information regarding the agenda, parking, tickets, and more. Using technology in this manner makes attending the event more convenient for Millennials—and it also makes the experience more enjoyable, too. Keeping Millennials happy and engaged is the key to connecting with them at B2B experiential marketing events.

Let Them Mix and Mingle

Millennials will not want to sit in silence in an auditorium and listen to speakers all day. This generation is incredibly social, so it’s important for brands to give them an opportunity to mix and mingle with other attendees at the event. Encourage Millennial guests to travel freely throughout the event so they can meet new people and make new connections. If you keep them in the social spirit, they will end up connecting with at least one of your brand ambassadors by the end of the event.

Talk About Corporate Social Responsibility

In their personal lives, Millennials often consider how a company is giving back to the community or doing good in the world before making a purchase decision. Many Millennials will take this factor into consider when making purchase decisions in the business world, too. As a result, it’s important to address the topic of corporate social responsibility when attempting to connect with Millennials at B2B experiential marketing events. At the event, promote your partnerships with non-profit organizations and explain how your brand is making a difference in the world. It’s also wise to discuss your company’s efforts to go green. These talking points will grab your guests’ attention and make it easier for you to build a relationship with them at your event.

Personalize the Event

Millennials crave personalized experiences. According to a recent survey, 85% of Millennials are more likely to make a purchase when an item is tailored to their personal needs. This survey also revealed that 52% of Millennials believe personalization drives loyalty in their generation. Based on this data, it’s clear that Millennials respond well to experiences and products that are personalized to their wants and needs.

Keep this in mind when planning your next B2B experiential marketing event. How can you personalize the event so that it meets the demands of every Millennial guest? Consider giving personalized promotional gifts or letting guests choose how they want to explore the event and what activities they want to engage in. If a Millennial makes a purchase at your event, let them decide which charity should receive a portion of the proceeds. Details like these may seem insignificant, but they will make Millennial attendees feel as if the event was designed especially for them.

Include Millennials in the Planning Process

Don’t make the mistake of planning an event for Millennials without input from members of this generation. If you want to know how to connect with Millennials, it’s best to include them in the planning process. If you fail to include Millennials in the planning process, you may miss the mark completely. Millennial attendees may feel that whoever planned the event is out-of-touch with their B2B consumers. Avoid this problem by getting their feedback on everything from the location of the venue to the activities planned during the event. After all, no one knows what Millennials want better than a Millennial.

Emphasize Authenticity in Interactions

Millennials favor authentic interactions over traditional sales pitches. For this reason, brands must focus on training their brand ambassadors to avoid overselling themselves or the products. Brand ambassadors must be able to relate to Millennials and form genuine connections with them while still representing your brand. For example, a brand ambassador should talk to a Millennial about how a product can solve their specific needs instead of rambling on and on about the amazing features of the product. Show Millennials that your brand understands their needs and wants to solve their problems through these authentic interactions between brand ambassadors and attendees.

Are you ready to plan a B2B experiential marketing event that will resonate with Millennials? If so, contact the marketing professionals at Factory 360 as soon as possible. Let our experienced team assist with every aspect of the planning and hosting process so we can help your brand connect with Millennial decision makers in your industry.