How Does Experiential Marketing Work?

The Power of Shared Experiences

Today’s consumers routinely encounter marketing efforts that promote an endless variety of brands and products. Unsurprisingly, consumers are weary, guarded, and conditioned to skipping past, fast-forwarding through, and circumventing any attempt by marketers to gain their attention. Experiential marketing, however, engages consumers on a more intimate and personal level by building meaningful connections through shared moments and events.

Shared experiences are the cornerstones of human relationships, and assume countless forms, from 70,000 fans singing the Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl to two children splitting an ice cream sandwich at recess. Our lives are defined by our experiences. By creating memories that genuinely connect ideals and sensibilities valued by people and products, experiential marketing can increase brand awareness and loyalty with minimal expenditure.

Experiential Marketing Is about Stories

Smart brands use experiential marketing to make consumers part of their story. The old paradigms of pushing information at consumers or clamoring for exposure have been replaced by more nuanced approaches that respect the consumer’s time, intelligence, and marketing sophistication. One-dimensional marketing efforts that are aggressive, boorish or patronizing have been relegated to late-night cable TV commercials and used car lots made from failed strip malls. Today’s consumer wants authentic context. Today’s consumer wants validation and experiences to post on social media. Today’s consumer wants brands to enhance their lifestyle decisions and sense of identity, from their favorite brand of shoes to their cherished travel destinations.

Today, more than ever, people are the public embodiment of their personal decisions. Henry Caldwell, for example, wants the world to know he is a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan. Melissa Wells wants her former high school friends to see that she’s living the fashionable life – as evidenced by her new Louis Vuitton handbag – in Manhattan. Tom Baird announced his divorce and new independence on social media by posting photos of his first-class seats to Brazil aboard Virgin Airlines. Every person has a story. So does every brand. Experiential marketing introduces these stories to each other through experiences that create long-term relationships and lasting brand engagement.

Experiential Marketing and the Five Senses

Life is experienced through our fives senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. These sensations are very powerful because we use them to interpret and understand the world around us. Thanksgiving Dinner smells like home. The squawk of a seagull reminds us of the salty ocean. The curve of a guitar neck triggers memories of music class in high school. Successful experiential marketing campaigns create positive associations that inspire consumers to define their personal worlds – via our five senses – through memories that highlight brands and products. Experiential marketing is a modern approach to our most basic instincts and cognitive mechanisms.

Factory 360: Where Creativity Meets Execution

As brand marketers, Factory 360 noticed a lack of creativity and, most importantly, results for brands in the experiential marketing space. Factory 360 takes the time to fully understand a brand’s beliefs and personality while staying ahead of trends and technology. We activate this knowledge through profound brand experiences that create lasting memories and build brand loyalty for participants and followers on social media.

At Factory 360, we believe that an idea is only as impactful as its execution, and design is intrinsic in the consumer experience. We conceptualize brand objectives while staying true to a brand’s values and identity – all while adapting to what’s happening tomorrow. Our team of experts leverages cutting-edge marketing methodologies and next-generation delivery channels.

Factory 360’s unique insight into consumer behaviors and emerging technology trends enables us to identify and engage targeted consumers and amplify brand experiences through live, digital, social and mobile media. Our proprietary photo app, FactorySnap, engages consumers beyond events through impactful photos distributed across social media channels. FactoryView, our proprietary video distribution and seeding platform, connects brands with key influencers and meticulously targeted audiences – expanding the reach of campaigns and levels of consumer engagement.

What Makes Factory 360 Different?

Factory 360 does not outsource brand ambassadors and our dedicated in-house team remains personally committed to each project through its completion. Factory 360’s customized online reporting database offers 24/7 client access and up-to-date measurement of KPIs for any campaign.

Factory 360’s unique custom backend administrative database provides clients with customized metrics and project management systems to ensure cost efficiency, system checks and balances, and streamlined brand performance. The administrative database, for example, manages reporting, payroll, scheduling, project management, communications, staff management, query scenarios, robocall features, and intuitive navigation in a simple, user-friendly interface.

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