FOX 5: Factory 360 De-Stresses with In-House Yoga Studio

Employees at Factory 360, a marketing firm in Flatiron, are hard at work. But there is a break in sight. The 7,500-square-foot office has a special feature: a yoga studio.

Bobby Maccione, a graphic designer at the firm, is teaching his co-workers yoga.

Firm owner Michael Fernandez built the studio when he noticed his employees were stressed out.

"It's a great way to engage and motivate our employees," he says. "Yoga's a great activity, it relieves stress and it gives them a break during the day."

Experts agree that even 15 minutes of exercise can help improve workflow and stress levels.

Companies like google also encourage exercise. Its U.K. offices, opening in 2015, will even have a running track and pool.

Factory 360 also offers regular massages to employees, who say it is a welcome change to the daily grind.

Article appeared in MyFoxNY