Q & A: What Follows a Fantastic Experiential Marketing Event?

A: Letting consumers know that a brand is invested in their feedback and business is critical for any experiential marketing campaign. After executing an amazing experiential marketing event, Factory 360 will almost immediately connect with consumers via social media channels and the leads captured using Factory Snap, Factory 360's photo activation app.

Still, there is even more work to be done in order to guide the direction of an experiential marketing campaign, involving tracking and number crunching to demonstrate the event was indeed successful. The ultimate goal is to boost online sales and gain customer loyalty through social media engagement, selling products directly at events, and by tracking consumer data.

Not to fear, maintaining consumer privacy at events is not an issue, and many actually appreciate it when a company makes online shopping a personalized experience with suggestions, sale alerts, and product updates.


Photo credit: http://insightprm.com/what-to-do-after-a-sales-cold-call/