Factory 360 Recognized as One of The Fastest-Growing Privately Held NYC Companies By Crain’s New York Business

Our annual revenue has increased 418 percent between 2012 and 2015 as we’ve continued to carve a niche in the experiential marketing vertical. Experiential marketing, which helps consumers create stronger relationships with brands, is a growing trend in marketing. Consumers value the moments where they are able to experience a brand’s products first-hand and/or have a meaningful experience that helps them understand how the brand’s values and interests align with their own. Brands love experiential marketing because it helps them build stronger long-term relationships with consumers – a recipe for more visibility, higher sales and increased brand loyalty.

The Crain’s New York Business article notes that some of our growth is due to the desire of Silicon Valley firms and other companies to reach more ethnically diverse audiences. Factory 360 is a minority-owned firm, and several of our 86 staff members and many of our thousands of ambassadors are bilingual and bicultural. Not only can we communicate with diverse audiences, but we have a much better understanding of their values, interests and what will appeal to them.

Factory 360 has also done well in the experiential marketing space because of our highly beneficial FactorySnap app. It makes it quick and easy for consumers to post photos from their event marketing experience on social media. The added benefit for companies is that the app also captures customizable consumer data.

We see nothing but more growth in the coming year. We continue to plan successful activations for clients in the food, spirits/beverage, travel, fashion, financial services and other industries. We’ve built a strong network of brand ambassadors and permanent staff members who enjoy working for us. With offices in New York and San Francisco, we’re able to serve clients across the country. With any luck our name will once again land among the other prestigious companies on Crain’s New York Business’s Fast 50 list.