Factory 360, Event Featured on Event Marketer

Music festivals are a prime place for brands to create meaningful connections with consumers. That’s why you see so many stories about experiential marketing at events such as Coachella, SXSW and Lollapalooza.

But, the UK’s largest online retailer of fashions for young women, didn’t want to wait for a summer music festival to reach its target population. The brand wanted to reach college students for its first west coast experiential marketing event. More specifically, it wanted to reach college students who were bound for major music festivals as soon as summer hit. To meet both goals, it needed to connect with college students during the school year.

Factory 360 and decided to create an event that would inspire the carefree, positive emotions people feel at music festivals. To link those emotions with, Factory 360 set up a pop-up store with a music festival atmosphere near the UCLA campus in Los Angeles.

At the heart of the activation was a lounge where consumers could view some of’s boho-style clothing and accessories. Consumers could also browse the brand’s full spring catalog on iPads. The tablets were set up to make ordering easy when consumers found something they liked.

The pop-up store had many features and activities to draw consumers in. A 12-foot by eight-foot wall covered in colorful flowers made a perfect backdrop for photographs, especially for people craving the excitement of Coachella. There was also an activation where consumers could make flower headbands.

People who attended the activation could have their hair braided or their nails painted – two activities they might engage in before or at music festivals. There were regular DJ battles in a tent similar to those set up at Coachella. And, of course, there were plenty of opportunities for consumers to imbibe at a digital bar within the pop-up store.

Factory 360 arranged for previous stars of “The Bachelor” to make appearances at the event. These good-looking gentleman handed out roses and took photographs with several lucky women. Having The Batchelors present did an amazing job drawing young women who were within the target demographic.

Attendees were encouraged to use the hashtag #BoohooStoreLA when they shared comments and photographs on social media. This extended the reach of the activation and got’s name out to many people who didn’t live in Los Angeles.

We’re thrilled that gave us the opportunity to work on this event. It was a fun and rewarding experience that will certainly stick in our minds! And we’re very grateful to Event Marketer for sharing details about this inspiring event with a larger audience.