Q & A: What Makes an Experiential Marketing Activation a Success?

A: Without question, the staff, aka brand ambassadors, can make or break an event, as they are the faces of both the brand and the experience. An experiential marketing activation could feature an aesthetically amazing set-up, yet, even an elaborate space won't cut it if the staff lacks energy or most importantly, knowledge.

Generally, first impressions of the team will stand out over all else. Factory 360 prides itself on its careful selection of brand ambassadors to oversee experiential marketing events in order to successfully promote its clients' brands.

Equally important is piquing the interest of event-goers. Brand ambassadors should never have to feel as though they have to drag people to check out the brand. Whatever is being offered needs to have a certain cache so that consumers consider it the most interesting experience at the event. This means thinking beyond the product itself, and creating an experience around it that will be memorable and worth raving about on social media.

Photo credit: https://www.asme.org/career-education/articles/team-building/teaching-teamwork-to-engineers