Q & A: Which brands can benefit from experiential marketing?

A: Experiential marketing activations are ideal for all brands - especially those that want to place their products in the actual hands of a consumer.

It's clear many consumers like to see, touch, and sometimes--even taste--before they buy a product. For example, food, beverages, cool tech devices, and cutting-edge apps are often best appreciated when they are sampled within a fun or special setting.

In addition, if a product is misunderstood or too complicated to "get" from print / traditional advertising, experiential marketing activations can help clear up any confusion with short, in-person demos. These live moments also help to reinforce the message of traditional above-the-line campaigns.

In our experience, consumers appreciate that brands are making the effort to connect with them in-person, which ultimately leads to long-term conversions for many of our clients products and services.