Event marketing can be one of the most effective ways to engage customers and put them face-to-face with brands. This approach allows the audience to taste, touch, and learn about the product or service directly. Experiential marketing can be tricky though. On the surface, it seems like these events would be easy to formulate and produce, but the truth is that it takes years of knowledge to pull of a seamless and effective program.

In a recent Huffington Post article, Factory 360 Founder & Principal, Michael Fernandez offers five tips to help create the most impactful experiential marketing program.

1. Know Your Brand
Every brand has a personality. It’s important the entire experiential team understand what the brand stands for and what the message is for each event.

2. Consistency Is Key
The creative work produced for your event should fall in line with all other traditional above-the-line campaigns including TV commercials, print ads, radio spots and billboards. It is imperative the brand message stay consistent.

3. One Event Does Not Equal a Campaign
Michael makes this point brilliantly in his article, we cannot go to the gym once and expect our body to be completely transformed. Experiential marketing works in the same vein. In order to give the campaign a chance to make the strongest impact, event marketing needs to be built out over time in several top markets.

4. Integrate Social Media From The Start
Incorporating social media into the DNA of your events will make or break the campaign. Adopting this belief will allow the campaign to be amplified by the few hundred people at each event to reach thousands more online.

5. Pay Attention To The Feedback
One of the greatest assets of an experiential marketing campaign is the immediate reaction brands get from consumers. This allows the team to adjust and refine the message in real time.

We challenge all of our readers to test these tips in your own campaigns. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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