Experiential Marketing: Targeting Different Demographics

One of the great things about experiential marketing is that it allows you to target consumers in very specific demographic groups. Let’s face it: those college students you so desperately want to talk to are probably attending very different gatherings than their grandparents. By identifying where to find consumers within your target demographic groups, and tailor-making an event just for them, you can go a long ways toward meeting your marketing goals.

Here are some things to consider when putting together experiential marketing campaigns for consumers in different demographic groups.

Where does your target demographic hang out?

How do you determine where the consumers you want to build relationships with hang out? You can start with some basic assumptions and Google searches. LGBT consumers are likely drawn to pride events. First-generation immigrants may have festivals to celebrate their heritage. Families will be interested in events with children’s play areas or educational programming. Find consumers inside the demographic group you wish to reach and ask them what kinds of events they enjoy attending.

There can be some nuances to demographic information. Perhaps consumers of all ages attend the county and state fairs. Young consumers are probably more likely to hang out near the rides and games, whereas older consumers may head straight for the exhibit hall. Make sure your experiential marketing activation makes it into the area your target market is most likely to visit.

Thinking outside the statistics can score you some big wins too. Say you want to target young men with your campaign. You might not think about putting an exhibit at a bridal show – except how many guys got dragged there by their fiancées and are bored out of their minds? While you might not encounter a ton of men, you can bet a lot will visit your awesome booth if it means escaping from dresses and flowers for a few minutes.

What kinds of experiences does your target demographic want?

Just as not all events are created equal, not all experiences are created equal. Make sure you think about what will attract consumers in your target demographic group. Put yourself in their shoes and ask, “If I were this person, what would I want?” (Even better: ask consumers within the demographic group what would appeal to them.)

Moms with children or people with very stressful jobs may be looking to relax. Can you provide massages or foot baths in a soothing environment? On the other hand, young thrill-seekers may relish the opportunity to be in an environment with loud music and lots of activities for them to try.

Whatever the experience may be, try to make it appeal to as many senses as possible. Give elderly folks interested in travel an immersive experience that includes foods, music and pictures from a particular region. Attract foodies to your booth with treats that smell great, look beautiful and have interesting textures.

Every person in your booth doesn’t have to be a member of the group you hope to attract. But including some people who belong to that demographic can be essential for drawing customers in.

One of the benefits of working with an experiential marketing firm like Factory 360 is that we can help you with brand specialist procurement. We have an internal network of over 20,000 passionate brand ambassadors who possess a clear understanding of how to draw people into experiential marketing experiences and make sure they get the most out of them.

Think about how your demographic group shares experiences

One of your biggest goals with an experiential marketing campaign is to get consumers to share their experience virtually with their friends. Having pictures or videos cements the experience in the person’s mind. It also greatly expands your reach by making the people who visit your activation into marketers.

Not everyone shares experiences in the same way. Older people may enjoy taking pictures and posting them to Facebook. Younger people might be more inclined to take short videos for Vine. Folks with friends and family in other countries may want to send information over messaging apps like WhatsApp.

How have you designed your experiential marketing experience to accommodate those different needs? Can people photograph themselves with a celebrity or interesting display? Can they film themselves doing a very short activity or chanting a quick slogan?

No matter what demographic group you’re trying to reach, Factory 360 can help you do it. We have plenty of experience with affluent marketing, multicultural marketing, college programs and other services designed to reach people of different ages, genders, ethnic groups, income bracket and identities. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you.