Experiential Marketing for Lawyers

How do you do this? You need to look at the legal services you offer and think about the things that would benefit potential clients and provide an experience that will stick in their minds. You need to do more than promise a free consultation. Many lawyers do that, so it’s not memorable. Here are ideas of ways you can stand out and ensure your practice sticks in people’s minds.

Host Charity Events and Special Seminars

You can reach others by being a leader within your community. Get your name out there by sponsoring or hosting charity events like the local Special Olympics or school fundraisers. This shows the values that are dear to your heart and helps locals see you as more than a lawyer. You become a person with values and feelings they relate to. Plus, people will be taking photos during charity events like these. As word spreads through social media, you reach more of an audience than you might have expected.

Host informational dinners where your target client can dine for free if they come for your discussion on a specific form of law, such as estate law or drawing up powers of attorney and wills. Not everyone that will attend the dinner will schedule an appointment with you, but even a percentage of those who attend can make the dinner event worthwhile.

Online Tools That Clients Can Use for Interaction

Make sure your website is responsive and inspires potential clients to interact with it. Have your developers set up an online appointment system that allows clients to see when you have free time and book one of those slots. Many lawyers have systems that instruct clients to fill out a form. All that happens is the system triggers the office personnel to look at the request and make a call, which inevitably leads to a game of phone tag. That’s not a positive experience. All online scheduling in real-time and you create a pleasing experience.

People love to take online quizzes for fun. You could use an online quiz to help a client better understand the laws and how they apply to them. For example, a car accident lawyer could set up a quiz regarding how insurance settlements work and how victims may still find themselves paying medical bills for injuries caused by another driver. From there, the quiz could give step-by-step instructions on what that car accident victim should do to get a fair settlement.

An attorney who specializes in real estate closings could have calculators that show a potential home buyer some of the fees they may not realize they have to pay at the closing. Maps showing the differences in permit or building fees from one town, city, or county to the next can also be helpful and provide the experience a client won’t forget and will embed your firm’s name as a real estate attorney to turn to for help.

Online 24/7 Help Desks

Chatbots are found on so many sites. They’re a boon to attorneys who want to give potential clients what they most want. It gives clients access to your services day and night, so you never lose potential clients because you close before they’re out of work or you open after they’re at work.

The chat box pops up and allows the person to ask a question. The computer examines that question and best decides how to answer it. The chatbot may need to bring in a person to address the question. If a paralegal or office worker is needed to give a better answer than the chatbot is capable, they get the alert and take over the chat message. You’ve met the person’s needs and created a positive experience that can lead to word-of-mouth referrals if you can’t take the case.

Experiential marketing is all about creating that unforgettable experience. It’s about tapping into the senses and interests of people you know would benefit from your legal expertise. When time is limited, you don’t have to rush a comprehensive, thoughtful marketing plan. Call Factory 360 to discuss your goals and let our experts help you create an experiential marketing plan that fits your needs and budget.