Experiential Marketing for Health and Wellness

There’s a lot of competition out there. Plus, people are also increasingly skeptical of new health and wellness trends as new ones come along almost weekly. Some stay, others go, and people aren’t sure where to turn or who to trust. You need to prove to them you have something of value that’s not going to disappear. Experiential marketing for health and wellness is the best way to share your message and fuel growth and profits.

Experiential marketing a product or service that’s in the health and wellness market is challenging in itself. You have to effectively get your message across while sticking to your budget. You have to do it without leaving anyone out. Health and wellness products reach across the generations. What one generation expects of an advertising campaign may not work as well for another generation. You have to find the best means of getting the experience across without alienating anyone.

The Perfect Marketing Campaign Needs Careful Planning

The best marketers know that you need to carefully plan an experiential marketing campaign. You can’t just slap together an ad and throw it up into places you think your target audience frequents. Think about it from their point of view. What does the optimal experience look like to you? Before you entered the health and wellness field, what drew you to the service or product you sell? What made you fall in love with it? You need to relate that to your target audience.

Next, come up with your experiential marketing campaign. Tap into the senses – sight, touch, taste, scent, and sound – and figure out how you can make your brand come to life in terms of those senses. What would work best for your dream consumer? Is it going to be a pop-up demonstration? Are you going to participate in a trade show and is your participation going to be in a building or part of a concert or virtually on the internet?

Once you’ve got your message down, you need to decide on your budget. Ask any pro what considerations are key when it comes to setting a budget and three things come up.

#1 – Tracking Your Brand’s Progress

Have a system in place for tracking how well your experiential marketing campaign is doing. Pick what is most important to you. Do you want someone tracking the number of new users you get via email sign-ups or the number of sales that are generated by a link you share during your marketing campaign? Make sure you’ve considered the budget needed to pay someone to analyze this data and come up with suggestions if something isn’t working effectively.

#2 – Hire the Right Brand Ambassadors

The people who are representing your company must be professional, warm, and helpful. If they are coming across as abrasive or rude, they could drive potential customers away. If they act unfamiliar with your brand, they’ll leave consumers feeling cold. You want brand ambassadors who are well-trained, know the best way to respond if they don’t know something a consumer asks, and understand how to dress and groom themselves for the role. Make sure your budget offers a salary that dissuades them from working their hardest. If you’re offering minimum wage, you won’t draw the same talent as you would raising that hourly rate by a few dollars.

#3 – Implement the Right Design

Say that your ad campaign is going to be your participating in a virtual tradeshow. You’re streaming a live video that shows off how your product works or is used. Your professionalism needs to shine and a cheaply made set can ruin this. If you quickly put together a set that looks shabby or has horrible acoustics, people may wonder just how professional you truly are. If you take the time to set up a location in a quiet area with great acoustics, it will serve you better.

Finally, come up with the best way to reach your target audience. What method or system would work best for your product or service.

Examples of Effective Ways to Reach Your Target Audience

How do you reach your target audience when you have a health and wellness business? What are the best ways to reach out? It all comes down to your product or service.

Health and Wellness Expos: Some organizations or businesses have the best luck at an expo. The cost isn’t as excessive as you’re paying for one space from dozens of spaces, but all of the participants are coming together for one reason. An example would be the 50+ health expositions that many cities hold each year. It gives older adults a chance to explore health issues they may be currently facing or are more likely to experience at this age. Arthritis pain is one of them. If you have an all-natural cream that helps soothe aching joints, an expo could be the perfect place to let consumers try it and see for themselves how well it works.

Mobile Health Clinics: Medical offices do well in marketing their services with mobile health clinics. Instead of getting consumers to come to your office, go out into their neighborhoods and towns. Show them how easy it is to get tests, vaccinations, and other necessary services.

Pop-Ups: Pop-ups are great if your health and wellness brand focuses on consumable goods. A virtual presentation may work for a new diet plan, but a pop-up restaurant focusing on meals served in that diet may reach more because they’re getting to see, taste, and smell the meals rather than only see them.

Virtual Fitness Classes: Over the decades, consumers have taken to the idea of enjoying an exercise class in the privacy of their homes. Traditional VHS tapes and DVDs are losing ground as more and more fitness advisors offer live streaming fitness classes. If you run a fitness studio or teach a course, live streaming your virtual fitness classes is an ideal way to reach consumers. Offer a free class to get them hooked and go from there.

At Factory 360, we’ve helped hundreds of clients come up with successful experiential marketing campaigns. We can help you choose the best brand ambassadors, launch a social media marketing campaign, and bring your experiential marketing event from the basic stages of planning to the behind-the-scenes orchestration on the day of the event. Let our experts get your health and wellness brand the admiration and support it deserves.