Lead Designer

   New York, NY
Factory 360 are looking for the Jason/Janet Bourne of designers. Working with a lean and nimble creative team, it is imperative for you to be multi-talented so as to execute the breadth of integrated campaigns. Your role as Lead Designer will be to make things so beautiful Michael Bierut will cry, including environmental design, stage design, branding, print design, digital design, installations, and anything else the teams collective brains can conjure up.

The perfect candidate will have a genuine love of all things design, with an eagle eye on design culture across all disciplines. If there is something cool, youve heard of it. If theres something strange, youve been to it. You live and breathe on the cutting edge of aesthetics, which may not be comfortable, but it comes out in the work you do.

Your skills are vast, with particular proficiencies in graphic and motion design. Factory 360 believe that a wide range of skills lead to a wide range of ideas (which is necessary for a wide range of clients), and will be bias towards candidates with a wider curiosity than their job description.

No definitive career experience or education are necessary. If you can prove your talent, we want you. Upon employment at Factory 360, you will be supported and encouraged by the entire company to develop and hone your skills.
Contact H Burton | hburton@factory-360.com to apply for this position.
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