Can Experiential Marketing Be Done In-House?

An experiential marketing campaign takes expertise and time to implement. You can’t just start it rolling and ignore it. Someone needs to be monitoring social media, emails, and other communication paths to see how consumers feel now and weeks, months, and years from now. While this is going on, the next step of the marketing plan needs to be implemented. You need to be studying trends, acting on what consumers like, and be ready for their attention to shift to other marketing strategies. The world of marketing is always shifting and adapting with those shifts, and many small businesses just can’t keep up with it all.

Employees Waste Time Finding a Starting Point

How have you handled marketing in the past? CoSchedule surveyed their software users and found that that 42% of companies rely on one employee to handle all of the company’s marketing needs. Only 31% of the companies surveyed have a dedicated marketing manager. In a small company, it’s very likely that your one employee is handling other aspects of your business. If you have an administrative assistant handling marketing, customer support, ordering/inventorying, and deliveries, you’ll never get the results you want.

Instead of knowing exactly what to do, that one worker has to start researching the right marketing techniques. This research takes time. Your employee is also balancing that research with other job duties. Mistakes get made and can cost you both potential clients and existing ones. You’re paying hours for research that isn’t guaranteed to bring the results you want, and that’s before the actual marketing plan is even off the ground.

Once They’re Started, They Lack the Expertise on Where to Go Next

After days, weeks, or even months of researching the best way to market your new product or service, the employee acting as your marketing specialist has to figure out the next steps. Again, it takes more research, which draws attention from the other areas this employee is also trying to fill. Attention shifts from one area of the business to another, and the lack of experience in experiential marketing approaches leads to trial and error tactics.

A trial and error approach is not a good way to reach your customer base, so you need the marketing plan to be solid. With workers who don’t truly know what they’re doing, you risk failing and that drives potential clients away. After all, if you’re not sure what you’re doing, how can they trust you to be an expert?

It’s Not a Skill Set Everyone Possesses

If you think about it, most family homes didn’t have computers until the latter part of the 1990s. Cell phones gained ground in the 2000s. Marketing shifted from door-to-door sales, to cold calls using a telephone and a contact list, to reaching consumers through the internet. Social media and email marketing are leading options now, but it’s only a start. If you’ve had your team in place for decades, they are not likely to have the skill set to handle social media marketing and email marketing. Things like trade shows and conventions may be familiar, but pop-ups, influence marketing, and brand and website design may be more complex. It’s not something everyone can handle or even wants to handle.

If your employee struggles to understand what is being asked of him/her, it leads to stress. In some situations, you may find yourself losing a dedicated employee due to the changing demands of the job without a substantial salary increase to go along with the new job skills. Think about what it would cost to find an employee. You have to advertise, interview, train, and hope this new employee stays. There’s a lot of risks involved if you decide to do your own in-house experiential marketing.

You Save Money Hiring Experts in All Aspects of Marketing

On the other hand, you call Factory 360, discuss your goals, and gain experts who can quickly come up with a marketing plan that does exactly what you need it to do. Before the work even begins, you know understand the strategy and costs behind the marketing plan. You don’t have to pay employee benefits for a marketing manager or team. The team has the skills you need and the ability to bring better results than you could imagine. When you need an experiential marketing plan that won’t fail, Factory 360 is the only path to choose.