Q & A: Will Brand Ambassadors “Get it?”

A: There's nothing more important to brand connection at an activation than the brand ambassador.

At Factory 360, all of our brand ambassadors undergo intense training sessions and are walked through a detailed manual before an experiential marketing activation. This helps our team know what is expected of them, and preps staff on the ins and outs of each brand we represent.

On the day of an event, nerves might be running high. Nonetheless, we reassure our staff with a meeting to reinforce all talking points and reiterate the importance of addressing event-goers' questions or concerns. This doesn't mean any old answer will cut it if questions arise.

Because we hire our own team of brand ambassadors, Factory 360 holds its staff to the highest standards.We pride ourselves on a team of brand ambassadors that only provides "real" answers to inquisitive or confused consumers, and seeks the support of an on-site manager if clarification is needed. At a well-done activation, a brand's message should never get lost in translation.