A Day in the Life of an Experiential Marketer

You get to the office, turn on the lights, and wander to your desk. You make some coffee, sit down, take a look out into the New York morning, and start reading away all of the client emails you’ve received between the time you left the office last night and sat at your desk this morning.

People have been trickling in since you’ve gotten here at 9am, but now that it’s 9:30am everyone’s at the office. People are having their morning conversations by the coffee maker, grabbing some fruit, prepping some cereal, and heading to their desks to start their workday.

So far it sounds like any regular desk job, doesn’t it? Well – just wait a minute. Although most days can be spent reading and replying to emails or making and taking phone calls from clients, doing research for a campaign or a pitch, experiential marketers devote their time to other things as well.

Up until now, the life of an experiential marketer has been fairly easy to describe – but truth be told, there is no regular day for an experiential marketer. One day you’ll be tracking down iPads for a campaign, another you’ll be calling new clients. One day you’ll be managing a campaign in Central Park, and another you’ll be on your way to Los Angeles to make sure everything runs smoothly on a certain client’s activation by tracking brand ambassadors, managing inventory, and doing a multitude of other tasks at the footprint that will ensure success.

Since there is no “ordinary day” for an experiential marketer and days at any event can be extremely varied depending on the client, I’ll simply include what to expect on most days at the office.

We’re going to pick up where we left off – it’s 9:30am and everyone’s here. You’re still reading some client emails, but now you’re starting to receive some emails from your colleagues.

Email one has some social media content for the day. One of your colleagues has spent the morning creating content to post on the webpage to generate good SEO results. This email may include a relevant article that came out this morning, a new blog post, a cool video relating to experiential marketing or the business field, or anything that you find on our social media pages.

Email two is a brief and sets a brainstorm time. Looks like the Head of Business Development has been busy and has just won Factory360 some new business. The brainstorm is scheduled for 3:30pm, so everyone has time to go over the brief and start thinking of some extraordinary ideas that emphasize brand truths.

Email three is a concept deck. Looks like the copywriters and the creative team have been hard at work. The concept deck contains copy that vividly illustrates the ideas that we as a team have came up with to propose to one of our clients. The deck also contains a beautiful mood board in order to give the client a general feeling for what the concept would look like once it comes to life. The creative team has mocked up certain footprints and has collected pictures to fill in the blanks for any questions the client may have. Now the deck just needs to be approved before it gets sent out to the client – yet another job that is carried out by one of the experiential marketers at the office.

Email four has some compiled information on a prospective client. This research will serve one of two purposes depending on the client. This research may help the team put together a pitch in order to win over this prospective client. It may instead, help the executive team and the head of business development further familiarize themselves with the client’s brand in order to pitch them. Either way this research helps Factory360 with new client relationships.

Email five also has some research attached to it. This time the research is on relevant events that a current client can sponsor around a particular time that is coordinated with a product launch or some other aspect of the client’s campaign. This will allow our team to include these sponsorship events in our concept deck.

As seen from the emails that you’ve been receiving – all of the experiential marketers here at Factory360 have been busy with different things in order to achieve the final goal of putting together a brilliant campaign for our clients.

The next thing you know, it’s 6:30pm and you’re starting to wrap up any outstanding work before you call it a night. Everyone slowly trickles out onto the elevator, saying goodbye to everyone they pass. You set your alarm for 8am the next morning, push your chair under your desk and you’re on your way.